Construction and Industrial Site Documentary Photography

Construction and industrial site photography that involves the complete photographic documentation of a project over months or years has gained momentum nowadays. Such type of practice comes in handy for all the stakeholders of a project and promotes responsibility, transparency and cost-cutting measures from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and vastly experienced construction and industrial photographer in Australia, RAYGUN can end your pursuit. The company specialises in this field and utilises their more than 20 years of working experience with multinational clients to meet your most stringent of requirements successfully.

Owned and managed by Garry Owens – a seasoned international photographer, Raygun makes use of advanced photographic equipment and a host of other means like cranes, aircraft and camera poles to capture top-quality creative images. Catch a glimpse of our industrial and construction photography skills by scrolling through the pictures on this page and contact us if you find us suitable for your needs!  

Welding K10 Beth Newcastle

Sheet Piling. Shellharbour NSW

Inpex darwin for Piling Contractors

Inpex Darwin for Piling Contractors

Inpex Darwin for Piling Contractors

Newcastle Courthouse Concrete Pour

Hume Dam.  

All Construction Photography on this page is by Construction Photographer Garry Owens who is the owner of Raygun. Raygun specialises in Construction Photography and Industrial Photography.

All media © Construction Photographer Garry Owens.