Current Projects 

A day in the Life

I was commissioned by Keller Australia to shoot time-lapse and video for a corporate video. One of the sites I was sent to was in WA and whilst there I was commissioned to produce an additional video of what happens in a normal working day. Obviously it wasn't shot in 1day but was meant to be a representation of the site activities of the workforce. Using a combination of time-lapse, hyperlapse and video to complete the project.

Newcastle Courthouse Timelapse

The finished time-lapse showing 3 years of construction. Officially opened 15th February 2016.

EVE by Fridcorp Timelapse

A time-lapse showing the demolition of the warehouse on the site of the EVE by Fridcorp apartment development in Marrickville, NSW.

The project is scheduled for completion in June 2016 and RAYGUN is pleased to be involved in documenting the project.

Waterway Constructions

Monitoring of the project is now complete and I am currently compiling the time-lapse video. Below is a still from the project

Keller Wheatstone

A further trip to Karratha to document the delivery of the final consignment of steel piles allowed me access to the cargo ship at night on its journey into port. I setup two cameras on the bridge of the ship to capture the journey in for a time-lapse and together with one I left on the dock achieved some spectacular footage.

Darling Harbour Live


Darling Harbour Live Construction project : Client Piling Contractors

UAV Photography and Video

Garry is currently studying to qualify for the CASA UAV Controllers and Operators Certificate. This is a lengthly process involving the Private Pilots Licence theory exam but he is hoping to be fully operational at the beginning of 2015.

By utilising a DJI Phantom with a GoPro Hero4 we aim to capture spectacular aerial imagery and footage to the list of services supplied on the day. I'm very excited to see how this might be incorporated into time-lapse sequences. Watch this space.

Wheatstone LNG

Just returned from a 2nd trip to the Wheatstone LNG gas plant near Onslow WA for Keller Wheatstone. As well as shooting three time-lapses while I was onsite, I also shot more footage for the 'Day in the Life' video I am producing for them. This will include visuals on and off the site. I am booked to go back to Karratha in November to document the piles arriving into port from Korea. The 10 minute video is due for its premiere in Perth on the 6th December.

Keller Australia

Having visited many sites around Australia and shooting hours of footage. The results are currently being compiled by SALT Advertising into a corporate video for Keller Australia

Waterway Constructions

We currently have two Sentinel Time-lapse Systems running day and night, documenting the extension of the International Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay for Waterway Constructions.

I'm looking forward to putting the footage together into a time-lapse, I noticed some spectacular skies over Sydney during the past three months so I'm keen to see what materialises.