High resolution, beautiful photography of your subject or project by Sydney Photographer Garry Owens, Using Canon and Phase One hardware and Adobe software. Resulting Images are enhanced, colour corrected , perspective corrected and supplied in two versions of jpegs, low res for web and high res suitable for your corporate brochures or for hanging on the wall. 


Dynamic Time-lapse. Using an on-site presence we document your project activity over one or more days, using multiple high-resolution DSLR Timelapse camera setups together with GoPro to record the different stages and capture the essence of of the project. The resulting image sequences are then edited to make a visually effective visual story showing exactly 'what it is that you do' and adding depth to your marketing.

Long Term Time-lapse. Using one or multiple, high resolution 3G, DSLR Timelapse camera units, to record the daily activities remotely The real time images are sent to our server and  can be viewed from anywhere in the world on a password protected webpage, so you and your team can monitor the progress from wherever you are.


Video Production. From DOP services through to full video production. All of the footage is shot RAW for the highest Dynamic Range and processed in house to produce high quality Pro-Res files which can be edited by us into a finished video or given to your editing house. 


About Raygun

Raygun specialises in Time-lapse, Video Production and Photography for Construction, Mining, Industrial, Architectural, Corporate and Commercial Businesses throughout Australia. It is owned and operated by Garry Owens.

Garry has been a Professional Photographer for 25 years, originally based in London and working globally in Advertising before moving to Australia in 2010.

Seeing an opportunity to use his skills and experience in a new venture he set up Raygun  allow him to to deal directly with his clients and to specialise in Creative Time-lapse, Video Production and Photography.   

Raygun's mission is to go the extra distance to make your imagery stand out from the crowd. Always looking for a better angle or perspective and continuously thinking on how to make the result outstanding, from before the image is taken, well into the post production stage.






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