Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Terminal Upgrade

Time-lapse video documenting the upgrade of Olympic Park Ferry Terminal by Waterway Constructions.

Captured using a photo-sentinel system over 3 months and 2 x GoPro's for the end clips. I clamped the GoPro's to the handrail and I have some interesting footage of people walking up to them and staring into the lens. I watched progress from a distance so they looked unattended.

Music again from the fabulous Wolfram Gruss aka PNFA.

EVE by Fridcorp

Demolition Timelapse

A time-lapse showing stages in the demolition of the existing warehouse building in Marrickville, NSW. The site will be the location for the beautiful EVE apartments due for completion in June 2016. 

LNG project Darwin - Piling Contractors#1

Piling Contractors are undertaking what is probably the largest piling operation in Australia at the momen at the LNG site in Darwin NT.. They managed to get permission to send me there to complete a couple of time-lapse videos of their operations. Another cool track from PNFA.

Tap King Raises the Roof

Tooheys raised the roof at their Lidcombe Brewery to allow access for the equipment for their new Tap King production Line. Two months of footage combined with custom footage of the day was used to tell the story.

Sheet Piling at High Tide, Shellharbour, NSW

Sheet Piling at High Tide, Shellharbour, NSW

Raygun just completed a timelapse for Piling Contractors who were sheet piling on the high tide line at Shellharbour. It involved getting the camera into the surf to record the activity. We managed to get the footage needed before the tidal surge halted the work and drowned the camera. Fortunately it survived to tell the tale.


Swansea Bridge Fender Replacement

Waterway Constructions were replacing the fenders on Swansea Bridge, NSW. They asked for a timelapse to show the installation process of one of the fenders. I used 8 camera positions including a GoPro hero 3 on the barge which worked a treat as I could control it from my iPhone. Approximately 8 hours of footage condensed into 2 minutes. I particularly like the section moving through the bridge......

Newcastle Courthouse Development

RAYGUN has been commissioned to produce a time-lapse showing the development of the new courthouse building in Newcastle NSW. The project is estimated to take 18 months and together with the time-lapse we have been commissioned to take photography of the construction process from beginning until completion. The resulting video and image collection will be a superb visual archive for the City of Newcastle and all those involved in the project.

Tooheys Time Lapse

We are in the final stages of producing a time-lapse for Tooheys Brewery in Lidcombe, Sydney. It's looking fabulous, however, having been sworn to secrecy the resulting video is under house arrest until further notice. Watch this space....